Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Two sisters-One Heart

Hey Everyone! I wanted to tell you all about a fundraising event that is coming up in honor of two little amazing girls. My sister-n-law Jamie is in the same ward of these twins who are conjoined. You can google them, to learn more about them. But, make sure you have tissue close by. These little girls were also featured in a Documentary not that long ago on the Discovery channel. On Valentines Day there will be a fun run to help raise money for their immense expenses, and hospital bills. Please click on the link Two Sisters-One heart link for all the information you need. Kids under 5 are free, 5-13 are 4$, and adults are 10$, (if you Pre-register). Plus, you get a free shirt! :)

I am only doing the 3K, with my kiddos. So, if I can do it, so can you!! It's going to be a really great, and fun day. This is a wonderful way to help this family so in need! Let's pull together as extended friends and family of this community and make it a great turn out!! Please spread the word to anyone whom you think might be interested!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Silly Mountain

Seriously... it really is called Silly Mountain. I am so proud of myself!! I am not usually the outdoorsy type. But, the fact that I could get to the top of a mountain in half a mile ..... no problem! Josh had to stay home, still recovering from donating blood! :) And Hunter had a fever, so he stayed as well. So, just me and the three kids decided to conquer Silly Mountain. It was a beautiful clear day. The kids had a blast! Not, one fight! AND, they actually were helping each other out. I think I might have found a new love for the outdoors.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I forgot cute little Hunter


We went to Josh's parents Cabin for a couple days and had a great time. Well, we had a great time, but everyone else was quickly sick of our kids. We got to go sledding which was a blast and played games, and went for fun nature walks. I kicked my mother-n-law, and my sister-n-law's butt at one of the games. That was REALLY fun! :) Then the next day when my butt was getting kicked... I quit!! Well, I didn't really quit, I had to tend to my naughty child. Sorry Stef.. I know you really won. Well.. Thank you to the N-Laws for a very fun and much needed breath of fresh air in the mountains, and being patient with my very enthusiastic children!


Christmas, was quiet this year, just the six of us. But, really fun just the same. The kids loved their gifts, not one complaint. We then went to see Bedtime Stories! All in all... A great Christmas Day!

Kleven Family Party

The Kleven Family Party was a so much fun! The Raymond's did an excellent job of entertaining and feeding a whole lot of people! What a great bunch of extended family! I have NO idea how to post a picture with a caption to the side. Obviously, my kids are the ones on Santa's lap and the other cute ladies and adorable little man are my sister-n-law Sandy, and my nieces Heidi, Ashley and nephew Derek!