Sunday, February 15, 2009

We did it

We have all been sick and have had lack of sleep to say the least! But, we did it! Okay, so it was only a 3K. But when your sick the only thing that sounds fun, is sleep! But, we made ourselves get out of bed, and we did it! It was so much fun!

Luke got second place in the 3K. My guess is that there were AT LEAST two hundred people people doing the 3K. Josh and I were so far behind, we didn't even get to see him come in for the win!

We also got to hear Josh's brother Dan and our brother in law Geoff's band! They did SO awesome! Josh and I were really impressed and enjoyed hearing and watching them!
Jake had to stay with Candis because he couldn't stop coughing, and the cold only seems to make a cough worse. We definitely wished he could have been there with us! It was such a great experience!!
Great job Jamie for ALL your hard work! We are so proud of you! Your love and service for those girls is definitely inspiring! I know that not many people will know all the sweat, and tears that went in on your behalf. Your AMAZING!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

He's going to Die

My poor little man Hunter has been sick with a high fever for about 3 days now. He started to get a rash yesterday and was still really grumpy. So, Josh took him to the Dr's tonight. Turns out, he has Scarlet Fever and Strep. He has a swollen tongue, and a rash on his tongue which the Dr pointed out! (my bad) Anyway, Luke overheard me talking and got very upset that Hunter has Scarlet Fever. You see, he did a report on Thomas Edison and remembered reading a book that said Thomas got very sick as a young boy and almost died from Scarlet Fever. Luke was all teary eyed and said "He's going to Die!!" Fortunately, we have antibiotics and he will be okay! He is making a get well card for him right now! How sweet!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


My mom finally came to visit last week! We were all so excited she was here, and so sad when she left. We went to the zoo on Friday. I'd like to say I had a ton of fun, but I wore the WRONG shoes for chasing four children! Plus, my body was still recovering from taking some ugly meds prescribed by my wonderful doctor! All that aside, at least I got to spend the day with Mom, Candis, Keely and my kids!

I also threw in a couple of other pics. Luke, with his most amazing first grade teacher Mrs. Schneider. We met her for dinner last week! She is always so much fun. And Luke adores her, so it is always a delight to spend time with her! The other random picture is of Summer's hair. Candis and I had fun doing her hair Saturday night. Good thing she has an auntie who is all cute, and girly.. so Summer can have cute hair once every couple of years! :)