Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not gonna happen

Anyone who knows us... knows that it is almost impossible to get my kids to sit still and smile! We tried now on three different occasions to get a cute Christmas card.We tried screaming, bribing, begging, and threatening. Nothing worked! Needless to say, we failed miserably. I decided we were NOT going to do Christmas cards. But, I reconsidered and decided to just send out the ridiculous picture that we got. Here are some of our failed attempts. And I do apologize to all, for the terrible Christmas cards! There's always next year!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Disney


All I can say is that I am done with Disneyland for a while! Fun.. for my kids, but not so much for me anymore! Hunter was finally tall enough to ride Materhorn. I almost got whiplash trying to turn around and watch him. Well worth it though. He looked adorable! What a crack up it is to watch his little face. He couldn't decide if he was scared out of his mind, or enjoyed the fast ride!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Temple lights

Let's go early and beat the crowds- Or not! It was so packed! And my kids were crazy, as usual. But, it was still fun! The lights were beautiful and amazing!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Summer Love Piercing Video

Summer got her ears pierced...again

Tonight Summer & her cousin Keely got their ears pierced! Summer did so good, she was only upset for about a minute and then said she was happy she did it. Doesn't she look beautiful!!
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Phoenix zoo

Jake and Summer both had field trips to the zoo today. Josh got to ride the bus with Jake and I got to go with Summer. They had a great time. Although, we ran into Jake once, and of course he totally ignored me. I don't understand! I thought Kindergartner's aren't embarrassed yet. Seriously.. I chased him and he still ignored me. Like I was some scary stranger. Silly Jake!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Jake got to take his two best friends Conner and Joe bowling for his birthday! They all got matching Incredible Hulk shirts! They played 3 games and each one won a game! Fun times!!
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Jake

Jake turns 6 today!

Jake is our most complicated child in many ways! He is one of those mysterious guys hard to figure out, and really hard to read! But, he is the greatest! Of all my kids, he has been the easiest to please! He has such a dominate older brother who dictates when the kid can even breathe. So, he has just learned to be a little pleaser. Most of the time, he takes last pick, or he's the last to play. He has just learned that it's easier to wait for what you want than to get beat up by your big brother! Sad.. but true! Poor guy always hears me say just a minute Jake, wait Jake, almost Jake. Only because I know that he is the most patient and the least likely to scream at me for having to wait! He makes my life so much easier, and I appreciate him so much for that! Most people who know Jake, know how incredibly shy he is. He didn't want to have a party because he was too embarrassed! There was no way he was going to have that many people over with their attention on him. He actually refused!! He won't even talk to me when I go to his school. The kids all laugh and say "He is so shy", because he wont even acknowledge me. He told me that I am embarrassing because I talk TOO much and to everyone. :) OUCH!! Most people don't get to know his real personality. He is a funny, goofy little boy! He is also a very sweet little boy! He is definitely a daddy's boy though. Whenever our family wrestles. Which is started by mommy and daddy wrestling. It is always Luke, Summer, Hunter and I against Jake and Josh. The team NEVER changes. It's very cute! I am glad that Josh has one child who is loyal! :) Although, I am working hard for Jake to come to the other side! Well, in a nut shell. Our family LOVES Jake! Luke might be hard on him. But, they are best friends!! They do everything together. And Luke is his little comforter at school and on the bus. Jake is so happy to have an older brother to protect him. Typical brothers.. Nobody but ME is allowed to mess with MY brother! :) We love Jake and we are so grateful he is in our family!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I love Summer

I Thought I would pick one child at a time to post cute pics of. Summer's up!! Ladies first! :)

A little more Halloween Fun!

Gotta love Halloween time! So much fun w/ family & friends! And YES, that is Josh in the weird purple wig. Every year he wears his Mc Donalds shirt from the 70's. He had already worn it to several parties (and won a costume prize at one). He was ready for a change. And this was his big change!! (He's a rock star if you can't tell) I know.. he went all out! We made do!

Halloween Night

Halloween was lots of fun! We went to Josh's mom's neighborhood. They go ALL out! We went with some of the cousins. Hunter has a cousin the same age. It was cute to see them trick or treat together. Luke was a speed trick or treater and always about two houses ahead of us. On our way home we got to see fireworks. Fun night!!