Friday, July 31, 2009


Our trip to Cali was short but wonderful! The beach was great fun! Hunter and Keely played with a bucket the entire time, it was great! The rest of the kids had a blast playing in the water and boogie boarding! We also got to go river rafting at Kern River with my sister. Oh my gosh.. what FUN!! I can't wait to go back. Everybody there was so nice and it was so awesome rafting. I understand now why my sister rarely comes home from the river now for the past four years!!! I will post the river rafting pics as soon as I find them! :)
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Scorpion Hunt

We decided it would be fun to go hunting for Scorpions! The kids have there cousins visiting from Cali. Colin decided to sleep here tonight. He knows we have found SO many in our home! Colin was getting tired and jumped in bed. Before he pulled up the covers. I said "Wait.. let's check for Scorpions." Bad move on my part... I think I worried him a little! So, we decided we would venture outdoors with our black light and search for them. We found TWO! One of them being right outside our door inches from our window and one next to the pool! Yikes! GROSS! YUCK! EWE!! I do not like Scorpions. But searching for them is REALLY cool! I should have turned the flash off of my camera, so you can see them glow! VERY COOL! After seeing them the boys realized they are not so much scary, as they are just really UGLY!