Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jake's Last Day Of School

I can not believe Jake made it through Kindergarten! WOW! I am so proud of him, and how far he has come! He entered Kindergarten not even being able recognise all of the letters in the alphabet, or sound ANY of them out. He also started Kindergarten terrified of adults, and kids. He would never talk to any other kids that he did not REALLY know well. Too often we would be at the park or some play land and other children would want to play with him. Not only would he run from them, but he would completely ignore a friendly "HI" offered by others. His team mates on his baseball team last year would always try to play with him and hang out with him. But again, he would not respond at all! I am happy to say, that not only is Jake a reader now. He actually plays and interacts with kids ALL the time, and does so much better responding to adults he does not know. He got an award at the end of the year for being a good friend to everyone. May sound little to you, but to us.. that was HUGE!

And More

Here's the last of the camping pictures.. I promise!

Found Them


Josh is now officially old! I am SO glad that I am not 32! :) Josh wanted to go camping for his birthday, and we had such a good time! The campsite was perfect & beautiful, and the weather was nice & cool! We all had a really good time! Thanks to all who could make it! Josh now has his camping needs met for atleast another year. (ha ha)

Some how I deleted tons of pictures, including the birthday picture of Josh. OOPS!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Luke

We had a really fun pool party last night for Luke! There were a ton of rowdy kiddos, but that's what made it so fun! Luke has great friends and we are grateful for all who helped make him feel so important on his day! Happy Birthday Luke! We love you!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

And some more

So Lucky!

I had a perfect Mother's Day! I slept in, woke up to a massage, had breakfast made and cleaned up by my husband. Came home from church and played games with my kids! Josh invited my sis and bro over for dinner, that he cooked, and cleaned up. Then we all had homemade icecream! It was the BEST! I have to admit, that I did feel a little bad that Josh was working non stop and not allowing me to help at all! But, it really was a stress free wonderful day! It was exactly what I wanted and needed! I love my husband and love being a mom! Here's some pics from today!