Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ward Camp Out

We had so Much Fun On Our Ward Camp Out! It was a Smaller Group this year, but just as fun! Lots of Pictures...

Rattle Snake Hunting for Crazies!!

Grandpa Wyatt and Josh took the boys to a cave looking for rattlers! I guess the last time John went, he stepped foot in the cave and heard tons of rattles. This noise! So, they went deep into the cave looking for them! Not one! They did however find the skin of a snake and Grampa thought it would be funny to come home and scare Grandma with it, while she was taking a shower! Not cool!!

Crazy Hair Day

The Kids had Crazy Hair day at school! I don't know why I forgot to take a picture of the back of Luke's hair! It was the coolest! Oh well! Hunter wanted in on the fun too! For some reason, poor Jake thought his teacher said their class wasn't allowed to color their hair. Although I knew that couldn't be the case, I couldn't argue with a child who insists that teacher knows more than mom. So, he missed out on the fun, and he was sure sad when he walked into his class and discovered that he obviously misunderstood! :(

Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Day of school 2010

First of All. Let me just put out there. Luke dresses himself. They all do! But, Luke will not take any advise from me. Even if the skinny jeans are a year old and too short! He loves them! I can't break his heart! Summer started round two of Kindergarden with Ms. Sherwood, Jake started 2nd grade, and Luke is my BIG 5th grader! Prayers are answered people! School has begun!! :) I do have to make a note that my two boys transferred over to another school after three weeks at our home school! They love their new school! Gateway just wasn't providing Luke with what he needed to be successful! We are so happy witht he way things turned out! Summer will join her brothers in first grade!


We had one last trip down to California this Summer for Chloe and Colins' Baptism! We had such a fun time! Amy took us to Wild Rivers, Kevin and Papa took the boys to the Angels Game, and we met the Colby's at the Beach! The weather pretty much sucked this summer in California. But, it's always fantastic being with family and being surrounded by the beauty! Yes, I am very fond of smog! :) We are always spoiled by everyone around us when we go to Cali. And with Josh being in school, that is the ONLY way we get to vacation! We are very grateful for family on both sides, who have helped support us in this way! :)

We were able to go to an after party at the Benson's Bishops' beautiful home afterward. Talk about getting in your hillbilly car afterward! GEESH!! Seriously though, they have a beautiful, and most gracious ward, I wish them the best! I hope there testimony and faith continues to grow!

Such a fun trip! If I ever find our pictures from our earier Summer trips..I will post them! :)


You might have noticed.. Luke got his hair cut! Only a little bit of bribery had to be offered. A Gecko. His name is Gieco. And the kids just love him! Me, not so much!