Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sleeping Beauty and ouchies

We had such a busy Saturday! It started out fun as ever! My mother n law bought tickets for all the girlie's to go see Sleeping Beauty at the Hale theater. It was such a cute play, and the girls had so much fun! We went out to lunch at Cafe Rio afterwards for the most delicious lunch! Then hurried home to prepare for a small dinner party of which they were all to be there at 4:30. As Josh and I were busy cleaning, and setting up. Summer had the brilliant idea to climb a tree holding a golf club. We are not clear on the details, but somehow she fell off the tree and the golf club hit her nose. I hear her screaming from the pool, so I ran back to the house. Luke tells me that Summer is hurt REALLY bad, that she is bleeding from her eyes. I run into the bathroom, where Josh is inspecting the damage. He says's ," There is a hole in her face down to the bone". I being the pathetic mom I am, so afraid of blood and guts. Just yell into the bathroom "It's OK Summer, you'll be fine". While she is screaming for her mom to hold her! But, I just couldn't stomache seeing her her until Josh had bandaged her up! Turns out she did have a deep hole, but only needed four stitches. Summer was so brave, she said the stitches didn't even hurt! I hurried home from the ER, to my wonderful and capable husband hosting the party without me. Of course that is with the help of my awesome sister Candis, and sweet neighbor Melanie. Summer has been given lots of TLC from our family. Thanks Stef and Grandma for the get well gifts. We are so grateful to have so many thoughtful people in our life.